Dark Moon Practices & Offerings

Dark Moon Alignment Practices

As the Dark Moon is a time of great rest, it is unwise to force productivity, focus on work, and try to finish projects as you may end up feeling frustrated, ill-at-ease and tense. Take a break, slow down and sink into self-care, nourishing food, and rest (this is a great time to pull out your favourite book!) As you align with the cycles of the moon, this will make more and more sense, and your body will begin to thrive in the natural rhythms set by Mama Luna.

Sleep Hygiene 

This is a wonderful time to sink into healthy sleep practices as the dark moon will naturally enhance your deep sleep. Here are a few of my favourites! Try one or many of these practices and see how they work for you!

Make sure you download the sleep meditation above to use as needed and desired.

·   Exchange evening lights for candles one hour before bed

·   Turn off electronics and sink into a book or journaling one hour before bed

·   Pre-bedtime visualization for the day ahead

·   Cover all LED lights and use blackout curtains to ensure the darkest possible sleeping environment

·   Use earplugs as needed, particularly if there is any white noise created by electrical appliances audible from your bed

·   Unplug your bedroom TV to close the electrical circuit, so it doesn't disturb your natural sleep rhythm

·   Use an eye mask to create the illusion of a pitch-black environment

Letting Go & Leaving Behind

This exercise is something I recommend practicing with the first day of your menstrual cycle or the first day of the dark moon - the true darkest sky.

Download the PDF below!

Physical Cleansing

This is something I love to do on the very first day of the dark moon, and it can look different depending on my mood, the seasons, or what life is offering at any given time. Starting the dark moon off by tidying my home feels good; note, this is not a deep clean and can often be the tail end clean from the last crescent moon of the previous cycle. This is the key to any of your moon practices - it feels good! Remember, all of these practices are offerings and provide a place to start, but I encourage you to adapt and explore what feels right to you in each lunar cycle! My cleansing rituals can include any of the following:

·   Tidying my house

·   Candlelit Ritual Bath with Epsom Salts, Rose petals, and Rosemary and Lavender leaves

·   Charcoal and clay facemasks

·   Rosemary Smudge & Prayer for cleansing and protection

·   Diffusing cedarwood, vetiver or rosemary essential oil for grounding and protection

Cyber Cleansing

We are constantly overstimulated through Facebook, Instagram, emails and so many other forms of social media. We have direct access to other people's opinions, goings-on, projects, crusades, and offerings; often we don't even have an option whether or not we see it because it shows up in our feed. Regardless if we scroll past it, it's still something our brain has to process - never mind the onslaught of mental responses and inner dialogue that goes with it (often on autopilot in our subconscious).

Cleanse that shit.





These platforms are YOURS to curate. You get to decide what you want to see more of, and what you want to see less of and you don't have to feel bad about it!! You also don't have to spend 3 hours cyber cleansing. In 2022 there are 13 New Moons, 13 opportunities to take 5-10 minutes to cleanse your cyberspace as a small ritual that offers you a little more mental and emotional space. And, if you choose to spend 3 days in this energy and to do 2-3 minutes of cyber cleansing each day - imagine how space for new inspiration will come to you after 39 days a year of cleansing!!

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