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Below is the first few pages of the accompanying workbook which outlines the course and provides some key information about our work together.

You can download the entire workbook under "workbook" in the foundations section of this course, however you will find the corresponding section of the workbook under each video lesson as well as the web version and corresponding audio under each phase's "Observational Practices & Inquiry" section.

The course is designed so you can enter and exit at any phase. You take what you need when you need it. However, if you want to go through the entire course from New Moon to Full Moon and back again, which I highly recommend, you will see two arrows at the top of each page. One will take you back and the other that says "complete," will take you to the next lesson. Hit complete when you're done with each lesson to go onto the next one, the tracker on the sidebar will tell you what percentage of the open course you have completed.

What you need:

You don't have to buy anything to enjoy and get the most out of Creating on Purpose, but I will encourage you to use a journal! If you don't have a printer for the worksheets or exercises, don't worry. I love following the exercises throughout the course by doing them in my journal. I encourage you to save each download into a folder on your computer, and if you want to print them off at any point, you can!

You may choose to use a tarot deck for some of the extra practices or a mat for yoga asana practice - but these are all extra to the main course content and can be perused at your desire.

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